The Closet of Random Bits

*The door creaks open. A lone chain extends a bit from the ceiling, the silver metal glinting in the light of the main room, inviting you to pull it. With a tug, the chain completes the circuit for the flickering bulb above. Garish yellow light reveals the boxes and bins, tubes of old posters and… cough, hack, wheeze* Sorry. *sniff* It’s a little dusty in here. *hizzzzzzzaachooooo!*

Right, so. This is where I put stuff I’m not sure where else to put. True, there are footers and side footers and stuff like that, and maybe someday I’ll drag this out for folks to see on the main page, but in the mean time they live here.

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award


This is a “Spread the Love” thing that Ninja Girl of BrainWork and Pretty Pictures  Nominated in early 2016.


The Liebster Award – another spread the love for blogs with less than 200 followers. Nominated in middle 2016 by Karen Wardamasky Bobrow.