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I’m Not That Important

“You realize I’m only here for the coffee,” Bryan says as he settles into his seat. “Oh, c’mon,” I say. “You like being with friends.” “The conversation is more intelligent that what I get from the users at work,” he … Continue reading

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“I’ll think about it,” Bryan says reluctantly. “C’mon,” I wheedle. “It works for everybody. I get occasional blog posts with actual content, you get credits to maintain your certification.” He grimaces and leans back, looking out the window. “I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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So… I’ve run into a number of people I want to punch in the face lately. People who are frightening lax about electronic security. People who I normally associate with common sense, people who I generally think of as being … Continue reading

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I Need Clean Undies…

I hope this is a joke or something… Maybe something that truly exposes what kind of a luddite I really am? Hopefully?   See, my fear is that if it works there, who else will pick it up?

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