Just so every one is aware – 90% complete means it’s done except for getting it copy-edited and cover art. “What’s stopping you, Katty?”


Editors and Artists want to get paid for their services regardless of how the book sells. So If I’m going to shell out $700-$1500 per book just to get it out there, that means I need to build up the savings account first.

So the point of this page is what, exactly?

Dunno. I just felt like putting it up there.


Fantasy Book 1 – 90% complete

  • started December 2006
  • finished August 2013
  • approx. 135,000 words
  • music listened to: Nickleback

Fantasy Book 2 – 90% complete

  • started August 2012
  • finished May 2015
  • approx. 136,000 words
  • music listened to: Braveheart soundtrack, Burlesque soundtrack, Enya, Glen Danzig’s Black Aria

Fantasy Book 3 – 20% complete

  • started August 2015
  • music listened to: Last of the Mohicans soundtrack


Contemporary Romance 1 – 90% complete

  • started July 2013
  • finished May 2015
  • approx. 72,000 words
  • music listened to: BonJovi

Contemporary Romance 2 – 10% complete

Contemporary Romance 3 – 10% complete


Steampunk 1 – 50% complete

  • started October 2014
  • music listened to: Tinsmith, Piano Guys, Lindsey Stirling

Steampunk 2 – 20% complete

  • started April 2015
  • music listened to: Tinsmith, Piano Guys, Lindsey Stirling, Kongos Come With Me Now, Seether

Steampunk 3 – 10% complete


2 Responses to Books

  1. Ninja Girl says:

    Hi there, I nominated you for an award! No pressure or obligations, just for fun:) You can find the rules here:


  2. pjlazos says:

    I say find a nice grammarian-type friend, ply them with coffee and those chocolate covered pickles you mentioned back on the IWSG page, and that along with your eternal friendship should be worth at least a line edit. Seriously, I don’t think createspace is as expensive as all that. Check out their services. You may be surprised. Good luck out there!


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