About Kattywampus Books

I have dreams of being published.

Don’t we all?

Regrettably, I can’t seem to sell myself very well, and I write slowly (but I’ll expound more about that later).

Of course, everyone talks about how one must build a brand, a platform, a dedicated following in order to SUCCEED as a writer, so of course, I’m going to endeavor to do that. My only problem is THEME.

So many writers blogs out there are advice based – do this, not that. And much of it is helpful.

It is also repetitive.

The pitfalls of passive voice, the “sit down and write because it won’t write itself” advice, the expectations, the crushing realities – yeah. It’s all already out there, in one form or another, on eight million different sites in almost as many languages

I’m hoping to do something a little different with this blog. Yes, I want to “build my platform” but I’m also hoping to maybe point out a few things that have gotten lost in the ‘verse – the things that I’m picking up by lurking here and there that I’ve noticed are often not addressed elsewhere.

The big goal here is not to shake a finger in your face while saying “I’m right and you’re wrong/stupid if you don’t listen to me and do as I say,” but rather to make you think about something that you may not have considered while you’ve busted your ass trying to create a world so awesomely awesome that everyone rushes forth to acquire your latest literary creation.

Whether or not your turn right or left is your choice.

I’m certain I’ll post things that are offensive, incorrect and off-the-wall random, but it’s my site and I’m allowed to do that.

But hopefully we’ll have some fun along the way.

Dost thou wish to contact my person?

kaelyn weaver writes @ gmail .com


7 Responses to About Kattywampus Books

  1. In your ISWG bog I loved the word ‘piddle’ my thought and deed exactly for Twitter.


  2. fpdorchak says:

    I love writer’s yoga position #37. It feels so good to stretch the ass after so much writing.


    • One must keep the gluteals properly toned, otherwise poor quality work seeps out of unpleasant places, and discomfort deludes us into thinking it’s okay to publish, when it’s perhaps best to not discuss such things.

      On the other hand, if one’s piriformis is too tight, it creates stiffness, preventing flexibility and making it impossible to to see the myriad and fun possibilities for any given moment in our writing.

      But I still haven’t mastered position #42 – I look like a drunken flamingo.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Diana says:

    Hello! It’s so great to have stumbled upon your blog! Looking forward to seeing more of your posts! 🙂 ~ Diana


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