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As you look back on 2017, with all its successes/failures, if you could backtrack, what would you do differently?


Well, I didn’t write beans. There was either no time, no energy, or no time and no energy. I’ve been over the primary reason before – the need to take care of the kids, lacking additional support, blahblahblah. Cue the…well, I don’t really feel like violins. A bassoon maybe? Drums with a rim shot? Contra-bass clarinet?

I don’t regret supporting the kids decisions for activities and so on, but I do regret that there isn’t a way to divide the load in a way that the support demands. On the other hand, they say volunteer officer/leader work in the Cub Scouts looks good on an otherwise inactive resume, so that’s something.

Part of me regrets stepping up as Archery Captain in my local area – it isn’t a huge time-suck, but it is a noticeable one. Then the other part of me thinks:

“Yeah, but you wouldn’t go out to practice archery on your own if you weren’t Captain and look what happened in one year – your average scores improved by 25 points to 52.7; enough to advance to Yeoman rank, making the rank of Forrester seem quite possible (65-84 points). And you’ve discovered an archery community outside the only 2 extremely limited ones you knew, so that’s something good that you can follow up on after you step down as well. And you came up with a character creation idea involving an archer for your writing that you hadn’t before, even though you knew how to shoot.”

And the archery piece helped me think about a character in a different way.

I can also add the volunteer Captaincy to the work resume and then there’s the fact that I’m practically building the rough draft proposal for the first handbook my region has had in 15 years on my own, which would also look good (“drafted new policy regarding archery guidelines and safety for a 4 state group area encompassing more than 300 participating members” doesn’t sound too bad. Kinda even sounds like I have my shit together. BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!*ow. owie. ow.* Gotta stop laughing like that…).

So there’s that.

I regret not getting up early on at least some Sundays’ to attend meditation classes (they’re even free, so it isn’t like I can’t do them, I just have to put in a little extra planning for the days I am available).

I regret that I still allow myself to get bullied/pressured into things that I really don’t want to do. I’m in my 40’s – you’d think I’d have the guts to just look someone dead in the eye and say “No” more often.

I regret that my workout routine is non-existant, despite my best efforts at planning (I even gave myself stickers on days that I did it!) Working out might’ve helped that whole Warrior Dash thing, although I did finish with my heat, so that’s good.

What would I have done differently? Probably nothing, despite the regrets (I’m a realist, if nothing else.).

So what’s my New Years resolution?

I’m thinking survival. Maybe some writing bits and pieces here and there.

Check out the Insecure Writer’s Support Group to see more writers dish about their concerns, their solutions to various problems, or just genera staurophobia.


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A SAHM with delusions of literacy.
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3 Responses to IWSG December

  1. Chrys Fey says:

    Volunteer work does look nice on a resume.

    You’re an archery captain? That’s neat! I just picked up archery as a hobby and got my youngest nephew, who just turned ten, into it. For Christmas, he’s getting his own bow and all the essentials. 🙂


  2. I love archery! My daughter wants to learn. I’ve been needing to look up where to go to do it, but always forget.


  3. I took a few archery classes years ago and loved it, but then my kids were born and I didn’t get a chance to go back to it. One day soon I’ve got to find a way to go back and do the things I’m missing – which is a feeling I’m sure you’re getting now too.
    Every thing counts, include everything you can on your resume. And learn to say No!

    IWSG December


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