How’s Your Brain? An IWSG Post

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Is it so soggy and sloppy that it’s leaked out of your ears and slid across the floor whimpering to hide under the couch because of NaNoWriMo? Did the Thanksgiving holidays and your relations and in-laws cook it for dinner (they were trying to be helpful, after all)? Did you participate in the frantic, deal snagging Christmas shopping in the opening days of the season, thereby rendering yourself both exhausted and mad (in the sanity sense, although I suppose anger is a big thing too the first 5 days of Christmas shopping)?

Me? I don’t do NaNo. I have more than enough going on to stress me out – I don’t need to add another level of crazy. I do have to associate with the parents and the in-laws, especially since I’ve produced grandchildren for them and because both sets live in the area, but everyone was mostly reasonable. I don’t shop the Thanksgiving deals – I try to get most of my Christmas shopping done beforehand because I know that holiday crowds drive me insane – the only shopping I’m willing to do between now and New Year’s  is grocery shopping and generally that’s on Tuesday mornings.

This does not mean I’m not *twitch* slightly *twitchtwitch* mad (once again in the sanity sense of the word).

I have not been able to touch my current manuscript since a little after Halloween. (I actually had several paragraphs here in which I went off on everything that has happened/is currently happening/usually happens to throw me off my writing game, but I excised it – suffice to say, things have been/for some reason always are, crazy busy for 3-4 months during the middle of the school year.)

Not really being able to work more than read a bit of a research book at night or jot a quick note here and there is quite frustrating. And a great deal like an itch you just can’t scratch. A twitch you don’t realize is there until it happens and then you forget about it again. A tiny sound you keep hearing but can’t quite find in the house.

Perhaps it’s just my brain whimpering under the couch again.

Check out the Insecure Writer’s Support Group to see more writers dish about their concerns, their solutions to various problems, or just general amnesiophobia.


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3 Responses to How’s Your Brain? An IWSG Post

  1. Juneta says:

    Love the post. Very witty. Made me smile. Sorry for your frustration. I did NaNo but never made it to brain leaking status. Happy IWSG
    Juneta @ Writer’s Gambit


  2. This time of year just seems to get everyone riled up. I’m always a mess in December, both mentally and physically. Keep plugging on and enjoy the quiet and fun moments! You’ll get back in the writing groove in the new year.


    • It’s definitely challenging. I’m also having problems leaving comments on blogs that are hosted on platforms other than WordPress- so I worry that I look a bit like a jerk, getting comments from IWSG writers, but not leaving any, since everyone else seems to be on Blogger, Blogspot or some other thing that won’t let me comment unless I have an account with them. It’s been driving me nuts for the last few weeks.


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