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Contest Results

Back on October 1, I received an email flyer from my community center/library. I get them monthly, no big deal. But Ocotber’s grabbed my face¬† – Short Story Contest, here’s a picture for your writing prompt, 1500 words, Halloween Deadline, … Continue reading

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A Lesson About Being a Smart-Ass

About 8 years ago, I was attending my first (and only) Writer’s Conference. I had fun, I was filled with intimidation and the phrase “self-publish” was still derogatory in 2008. I didn’t network much, but I didn’t really know what … Continue reading

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I’ll be honest – I’m a jealous person. I’m also impatient, unfocused, and ummm… I dunno. There’s another word that’s just out of reach but I’ll think of it. Later.* Bill Murray was recently given the Mark Twain Prize from … Continue reading

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An IWSG Post

Okay, yes, I’m late. I know. I thought things would calm down when my kids went back to school, but that isn’t happening and it’s really frustrating and BLARGH! So I’m going to take a cheat and use the question … Continue reading

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