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Socialization and Doubt

I’m writing this at 3am. It won’t be published at 3am, because I’ll want to edit it or delete it, but it is being initially composed at 3am. As we all know, most writers are introverts – some more than … Continue reading

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My Writing Process (2)

In My Writing Process (1), I revealed my need to talk to imaginary people. But now I have moved on and address profanities and OCD tendencies. (Just in case you’re curious, I have finished the very rough draft of Book … Continue reading

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The Various Traps

We all know how hard it is to manage our time. And then as you get older, you start freaking out about the lack of time. Or a friends dies and you wonder what they left unfinished. Or your own … Continue reading

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Catering to Expectations

We all do it to some degree. And before you go off on how you always do what you want, when you want and screw what anyone else thinks, when you went to the company Christmas party, did you dress … Continue reading

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