School Year Resolutions – An IWSG Post

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If you have children and you interact with them a great deal during the summer (Please don’t ask me how many times I’ve seen The Nightmare Before Christmas in the last 3 months. Please don’t. I’ll cry.), then I know you are pantingly anxious for school to start. Like you’ve created your own countdown calendar with chocolates marking each day that you find by opening the little date box every day…

Wait… what? They only make those for Christmas? Bummer. I think there might be an untapped market for those things. Definitely for Halloween. And you could just list it out as thirty days, not necessarily for a specific month or anything…

*cricket sounds*

Am I trending off topic? *shuffles note cards* Oh, yup. Yup, I am.


There’s a thing I think a great many parents can relate to and that’s the greatly anticipated start of school. And the sudden richness of time *giggle* we all anticipa- *snickersnort* anticipate we’ll be blessed wi- BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, ow. Oh, damn. I think I pulled something…


Have you ever started making a list of resolution items (or any to-do list, really) and it starts off well-focused and then… well… everything sounded so cool or just really needed to be done because you’ve ignored it for so long… and you just knew you could do it all in the allotted time if you just budgeted your time and exercised a metric shit-ton of a little discipline?

Yeah… yeah… And then you go a little overboard and then things started to look a little crazy – but no, no – I can handle it; it really isn’t that much. Just a few little changes in routine – maybe getting up an hour before anyone else and going to bed an hour after everyone else, and if I just clean the whole house before school starts and then just do a little pick up/wipe up work for 15 minutes everyday afterward and I can squeeze a work-out by jogging the way back from dropping the kids off at school and archery practice in the backyard at lunch and then maybe catch up on my reading list or a few of those project things and perhaps a few articles on Time Management…


We’ve all been there. I seem to revisit it every month and then with a vengeance at this time of year.

To give you an idea, next week the kids are supposed to spend the whole week with the grandparents… And I made a list. OF EVERYTHING I WANT TO GET DONE BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS SO I START WITH A CLEAN AND UNDISTRACTED PLATE. Sort of like that girl who reads all the course books BEFORE the class starts, just so she can have a base-line understanding the core contents and know what questions to ask…

*cricket sounds*

What? I was the only who tried to do that?

*ahem* I guess we all know why I didn’t get invited to parties while in college, huh?


This year is starting to shape up like last month, and the year before and the one before that in terms of my list making. My process goes something like this:

  1. I make a list
  2. I roughly prioritize the list
  3. I do a few things on the list
  4. Shit happens that doesn’t fit on the list but that’s okay because there’s still room, I just didn’t anticipate that happening…
  5. Fuck the list

Item 4 may or may not happen, but 5 definitely happens.This past March I tossed the list because things happened and spring break was coming and I couldn’t get back on track (again) and started small a project that just sounded good but wasn’t on the list (again) but I thought a change-up would get me excited about the list (again) and I thought I could just bang out the project in a short time period (again) and lost momentum on it (again) and then started a whole NEW project just to clear the frustrated cobwebs from the old one and toggle back and forth between the two (again) and I repeated that process something like 5 or 6 times (again).

My brain does not seem to function the way I think it should. Articles make the organization sound so easy… Kind of like outlining a fiction novel… Which I also don’t do so well despite reading several books on the subject.

Of course “Write” is at the top of the priority list (despite brain issues in that arena as well), but I’m concerned that with the combined year + of the mental mud slog in the writing department, plus the want-to’s and the promised-to’s  (you know those – like when you foolishly promised your child that “why, yes, you CAN be a white tiger for Halloween” only to discover that THEY DON’T MAKE WHITE TIGER COSTUMES so you’re stuck making it yourself and the gods forbid you choose to try and make it out of an already published pattern because “that’s not what I want to look like at all!” so you have to make your own pattern and scour the stores for pieces parts to reduce your sewing time? Yeah… always fun…) and then you really should be taking care of yourself while still keeping your home off the HAZMAT disposal locations list, and more conditions keep piling up, that I won’t be able to even focus a little bit on anything because of how easily I get squirreled. (Wow. That is a really long sentence. I might want to add “brush up on grammar rules” to that expanding list while I’m thinking about it.)

So what Organization/Time Management techniques do you use?

No, seriously. I’m curious. I’ve tried a few and success has been… ah… limited.

And the School Year Resolution Start Date is closing in, fast.

And not being organized in the beginning is an insecurity.

Check out the Insecure Writer’s Support Group to see more writers dish about their concerns, their solutions to various problems, or just general dystychiphobia.


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2 Responses to School Year Resolutions – An IWSG Post

  1. Hi – I’m one of the co-hosts this month and popped by to say hi. You raise a very important question – why don’t they make those chocolate filled calendars every month of the year? I would buy them 🙂 I love this post – you’ve got a great sense of humor and I can definitely relate to your time management approach! This is one of the things I like about the IWSG – finding great blogs to follow, like yours. Cheers – Ellen


  2. Sheena says:

    My organization skills are pretty lacking as well. We still have the downstairs bathroom partially done. It’s been that way for probably two years now. I got a little more done on it this past weekend, actually. Notice I say little there. And it’s all just paint work; touch-ups. If I would just spend an afternoon in there….. two years….


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