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Procrastination is an Art Form

There are multiple different types of procrastinators out there – “I’ll get to it.” He/she probably meant that at the exact second s/he said it, but will completely forget about it in roughly 5-10 minutes. My theory is that they … Continue reading

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One of the Reasons I Write is to Make My Life Sound More Interesting

Take, for example, my first real crime. The first time I did it and got away with it. The lessons I learned and the sordid path it started me down since then. How thievery led to murder. It all started … Continue reading

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Why “Said” Isn’t Quite Dead

“Said is Dead!” a Pinterest post screams at me. Another one. And Another. And again. Oooo! This one did it with an infographic, so it must be true. I remember in a writer’s conference (the only one I’ve ever been … Continue reading

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Building Momentum

I’m slowly tip-toeing back into the writing. I’ll be honest, the constantly looking for excuses to avoid it is irritating, at best.  Possibly because it seems so effortless for some of the bigger names (*cough*Marie Force*cough, cough*). Possibly because when … Continue reading

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