Summer is Coming…

*hiding under the couch*

No, seriously. That’s about how it feels. I have 7 year old twins. and now I’ll have 12 weeks with them at home in which I need to entertain them in some fashion other than the TV, because the husband refuses to do day care.

Not that it will affect my writing that much. I haven’t been doing any what with the blockage and all. But I have started my research up again, and that can take up some time – read a little make notes to dig deeper into something, read some more, think “damn, that’s harsh,” make a few more notes, grumble because I have to take care of the laundry, the garden, the gutters…

Now I must make plans for entertaining to small people with the attention span of gnats, while still inching forward in the direction of dreams, which may or may not turn out to be nightmares because results may vary.

The problem I run into everyday, but more so during the summer, is that it feels a great deal like what I want to do with my life and writing and so forth, are very different goals from wants my family wants me to do. They don’t seem to mesh together very well. “DO work towards your dream to be an author, but do it on our schedule, otherwise you are an incredibly shitty person,” seems to be the message.

Talking about this only makes the more adult members (in age, at least) tell em that I’m reading too much into things. “And you are going to be mowing the yard this coming week, right?”

Summertime seems to enhance that sensation of required personal sacrifice.

The goal right now is to push out the first book in 2021, now I wonder if I’m going to have to push it out further to accommodate everyone else.

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5 Responses to Summer is Coming…

  1. Sheena says:

    Now that Uncle Surtr has a car that can accommodate kids (just need kid seats) I think you should enlist him some. He’s the one who wants kids anyway 😉


  2. Loni Townsend says:

    I hear ya, especially with the pursuing dreams on our schedule part. It reminds me of the Steve Martin remake of Cheaper by the Dozen. I hate that movie, because what I brought away from it was if you try to pursue your dreams while you have a family, you’re going to destroy everything. It pretty much left me filled with resentment. Yay!

    My kids are 5 and 2, so I don’t know if 7yos would be entertained by the same stuff, but I’ve found water balloons to be a big hit. My 5yo will fill them up and my 2yo will drop and pop them. In the dirt. That leads to playing in the mud, which they also love. And then the hose nozzle makes a nice stream that our dogs love to chase, so the kids’ll take turns “watering” the lawn so that the dogs dash back and forth in an attempt to catch the water. And then the sprinkler does a good job at getting the mud off. Follow that by a bath to warm up their chilled little bodies and get the mud that the sprinkler missed, and hey, we’ve managed to take up most of the day right there. In the meantime, I’ve got my laptop there a safe distance out of water reach.


    • Regrettably, my son has discovered video games via his uncle John – if I want Daniel to DO something else, I have to perch on his shoulder and make him do it or take him physically from the house. My daughter has different interests than my son, but all the local kids are at day-care, so she’s stuck with Daniel and Mommy for playmates, and Daniel usually doesn’t want to play unless it’s video games, which she isn’t very interested in.
      Occasionally the stars align and things work in my favor, but not so much lately.
      We’ll see.


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