I’ve run into a number of people I want to punch in the face lately. People who are frightening lax about electronic security. People who I normally associate with common sense, people who I generally think of as being well-grounded, are, for some reason dumber than a box of hair about this stuff.

It could perhaps be that I’ve spent 20 years with a computer security wonk. He chuckles now whenever I rage on about “And she didn’t even have her phone LOCKED. Who does that?”

“What’s so funny?” I’ll demand.

“You were listening.” He’ll then pretend to wipe a tear from his eye and dramatically choke out:. “My little apprentice is growing up.”

To which I grump and glower at…

…but dammit, he’s right. I was listening. (It’s what writers do – we listen. That private conversation at the coffee shop you think you’re having with your friends about how he was such dick last night? Yup. There’s probably someone listening in on that conversation, taking mental notes and wondering if they can tweak that rant into a story. Which once again gets my mini security bug all fired up and grouchy. Or maybe I’m just old. Grr… damned kids… get off my lawn!)

And this is relevant why, Katty?

Because, as we all know, I’m having some creative issues lately. I shall therefore make you suffer by posting basic frickin’ security posts up, hopefully every week.

Yes, I’m scratching for material, but I swear by Jesus, Ishtar and Buddha if I hear one more twit use “I’m not important enough to have to worry about that” without saying or posting something, in response, I will totally lose my mind. Probably somewhere public. And it will probably look like this:


The Stupid! It BURNS!!!!!! Image found on Pinterest





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A SAHM with delusions of literacy.
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