Someone out there (Ninja Girl of BrainWork and Pretty Pictures) has found me to be in some way inspiring, enough so that she has nominated for this award here:inspire

She actually nominated me a few months back and I haven’t gotten around to taking care of things. I’ve actually been spending all my time finding ANYTHING else to do except sit at the computer (Except for housecleaning. My “Writer’s Block” isn’t so bad that I’ve gone that far around the bend. Yet.)

I suppose everyone has their own definition of inspiration. Once a woman I didn’t recognize at all told me that a year earlier, we’d spoken at an SCA competition and I inspired her to go back to school  and finish her degree.  Honestly, I have no memory of that conversation, but I was kinda wrapped up int he competition she mentioned, so it may not have registered in my head as a terribly important conversation when there are judges lurking around every corner, ready to sneak attack you with obscure history questions like a ninja bent on vengeance.

Other people have told me that “No matter what, you always seem to land on your feet.”  Which I find hilarious – It feels more to me like I’m a reeling sailor with a 3 day pass on a bar crawl. Or perhaps I’m more like a cat on catnip binge? I don’t have cats, so I can’t be sure about this – does anyone know if a stoned cat lands on their feet?

Ah, well. Being nominated for awards that make you scratch your head and wonder “have you read this blog? Seriously now, have you?” seems to be what happens when you don’t attend the staff meetings.

But anyway, Thank you Ninja Girl for your nomination, even if the “why” eludes me.

Lessee here…there’s these rule things for the nomination… they read a bit like the old snail-mail chain letters, just less schemey (you can look it up if you have no idea what I’m talking about).

The Rules:

This is a no-pressure, spread the love sort of award.

No pressure. *snort* When someone’s nice to you, you practically have to be nice to them otherwise everyone thinks you’re a jerk-face.

Display the award and thank your nominator.

Okay, I did that, in my awkward way. But it was accomplished. Check.

Then answer these questions: What are your top 5 bloggers and why? What type of posts do you like to read (I know most of us like a good 5-10 types LOL)

Oy. The truth is that I don’t read that often. I’ve got so much- “*bzzzzt!* Laundry” -else going on- “Why won’t this manuscript just cooperate?!” -in the background- “no, I don’t know where your sister hid the remote” -that I just can’t- “Well, hon, the soonest I can get to it is tomorrow. Of course, you could ask Daddy to fix it” – seem to- “It’s behind the hot dogs in the fridge on the bottom shelf” -get a chance- “Just put it on the grocery list. I’m going Monday, can you survive that long without it?”

Oh, the hell with it. I get occasional moments of quiet when I’m too brain dead to work on my stuff, but I’m still capable of reading other people’s stuff. Some of what I read is writing industry focused, some of it is more relaxed.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch – This is a writing industry one. She’s been there, done that and got the t-shirt. At one point she even designed the t-shirt. Her Wednesday Business Musings are no-nonsense gems of wisdom packed in a non-candy-coated shell.

The Renegade Press  – Not an industry site, but still interesting. There’s a visceral quality to the writing that I just can’t match.

The Passive Voice – Industry site. Sort of. He reposts articles having to do with the more “creative media” industries and sometimes speculates on the hilarity/common sense of the article in question. Daily content. A lot of stuff that you wouldn’t be able to find easily on the current status of lawsuit X against Whomever Business Y with a sprinkle of psych articles, author interviews and other such things.

Musings of a Mad Woman – I only catch this every once in a while, but it’s nice to know I’m not the only crazy woman out there.

The Seeds 4 Life – this is pretty much a “stay positive” site.  (What can I say? Sometimes I need my tummy rubbed and for someone to tell me “It’s okay. Yes, it is. You don’t need that jerkface. It was a good thing you cut them off. Yes it was. Yes, it was.”)

Do you plan to change any styles regarding your blog?

This is assuming I have style. It’s a very common misconception. The truth is, I have no clue what I’m doing. I slap stuff up because I find it interesting or funny or because misery loves company. If it sounds good to me when I read it out loud, glottal stops and all, it gets published. If not, back it goes into drafts or perhaps just straight up deleted. It depends on how vindictively my wordsmithing betrayed me.

Then just introduce yourself however you wish to and nominate 3-5 people. Keeping it real low maintenance. Remember to highlight people and your nominator and after your post is complete, copy the link and add it to a post of theirs.

Hi. I’m Katty. I’ve been writing since I was 9 but only in the last few years have I thought about taking it seriously, leading to several nervous breakdowns.

*ragged chorus answer* Hi, Katty.

I nominate:


Runnin Off At the Mouth…

The Power of Story

Tag! You’re it!


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