I’m newly 40.

I think the culturally accepted response for Western women when confronted by this number is to freak out.

But I don’t feel this way, truth be told.

The thing is, I look around at everyone else (Don’t you roll your eyes and sigh at me, young man! You do it, too!), like my friends and other people I know (Did I just call my audience “young man”? Ouch… Where are my support stockings? I may as well get those puppies on now.) I see this:


by Kattywampus Books

I suppose I could blame my outlining skills. In theory, if I had a plan about where I wanted to go, I’d be there by now. Being frequently distracted by *SQUIRREL!*











Probably doesn’t help. I know what discipline is, of course. Everyone knows what it is. It’s the application of it that’s always challenging. This year discipline is being defined as “working on one chapter a day” because that seems to be all my brain can handle at the moment. Which is irritating because it’s sooooooooo slooooooooooooow. And I want it all NOWNOWNOW!!! Just like those people you read about in the magazines or the ones who are profiled in whatever online news outlet you normally skim through. You know the ones – they do EVERYTHING with a cheerful smile and not a single facial twitch and-


Breathing is good. We like breathing.



Hmmm… I promised myself to be less angsty on the blog this year.

I suppose I am Western typical about turning 40.



About kattywampusbooks

A SAHM with delusions of literacy.
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