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Villain Reluctance

I wonder if I’m avoiding my manuscript because of my anti-hero. He’s a racist asshole. But he’s also necessary to the plot. As is his downfall. Which the way I have planned will work out as: Reader: “Damn. You are … Continue reading

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The Constant Juggle

My daughter found out I’d taught myself to juggle 20 years back and now wants me to teach her. I’m having to re-learn myself. I wasn’t a master at it, but I could do a few tosses before I lost … Continue reading

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I’m newly 40. I think the culturally accepted response for Western women when confronted by this number is to freak out. But I don’t feel this way, truth be told. The thing is, I look around at everyone else (Don’t … Continue reading

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Beta Readers

I’m trying to find beta-readers. I’m also trying to find critquers who actually critique, understand the genre, and don’t try to force changes. One candidate has been sorta helpful. The rest have been less than. Going to friends and family … Continue reading

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