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A Friday Funny

Not terribly original, but I did write it a few years back. With the holidays coming, I thought we all could use a laugh. The 2000th Annual International Nirvana Achievement Competition It was an exciting day today at the Shamshara … Continue reading

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I Need Clean Undies…

I hope this is a joke or something… Maybe something that truly exposes what kind of a luddite I really am? Hopefully?   See, my fear is that if it works there, who else will pick it up?

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Getting Out of the Swamp of Something-Or-Other

I like to think of myself as moderately technology capable. Okay – I’m not that quick to learn WordPress features, but I’m getting there. I can use my cell phone to call people and text and take pictures and I’ve … Continue reading

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Plot Device!

Originally posted on Runnin Off at the Mouth….:
Okay, I pride myself on my self discipline, but I could NOT stop watching this!  It’s hilarious!

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