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Mercurial Monday Projects

I’m not certain if I can put up anymore “writing tidbits” for a while. I’ve ranted about how writing is kicking my butt right now, and with the holidays and all that associated nonsense, well… Things are what they are. … Continue reading

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Longing for Stability

Some nights the words settle heavy on my mind, demanding I rise early from bed and move them out. Sometimes the ideas fall like an avalanche from my fingertips – page after page after page of useless rock chasing me … Continue reading

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Why write? Why take this path? It’s a question I’ve seen float about on a lot of blogs. The typical answer after much meandering is “Because I’d still do it anyway. It’s like breathing. I’d die inside if I didn’t … Continue reading

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My Sponsor, my Patron, my Cheerleader, my Husband

I have a few insecurities. Okay, I lost count after 359, or somewhere in there. It was a while back around college when I stopped trying to keep track of them all. Anyway. I may have mentioned that I have … Continue reading

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