Mercurial Monday

We all know I don’t like NaNo.

If you were paying attention to that post though, you would also remember that I didn’t say other people shouldn’t like Nano. You do you and I’ll do me and we’ll all be happy.

The thing is, when I take my daughter to dance class, I wait in the front area with all the other dance moms and I’ve struck up a… kind of acquaintance with one of them. She writes, I write. We complain about our various crit partners and the horrors of whatever while giggling like naughty schoolgirls over some of the sexy characters we’ve created and dipped in chocolate.

Bizarrely, I don’t even know this woman’s name. I know her kid’s name. I think she only knows me as “Sara’s Mom.”


She confessed last week that she was going to try NaNo this year just so she could say she’s done it – Shut up! I didn’t discourage her, I just told her she might want to think about maniacally cleaning the house and pre-prepping meals for her family so they don’t complain they haven’t eaten in 3 days and that sort of thing. I did say I don’t like it and why, but she said she wasn’t planning on hitting any of the groups (she didn’t even know they organized them).

She mentioned she’s had this mermaid story pinging around in her head for the last few years and she’s going to try and rough that out during NaNo. When I came home last week I had this idea and ripped it out:

Sea necklace, made by KattyWampus

Sea necklace, made by KattyWampus

If you click on it, you can see it better.

I’ll give it to her tonight. Sort of a “you can do it,” kind of thing. There’s seashells and a shark’s tooth and freshwater pearls and a holed stone (really big ones were and still are used as anchors) a small monkey’s fist (mariner’s knot), some glass beads to represent the glass buoys they used for nets, a green ribbon to stand in for seaweed… kitschy stuff like that.

I don’t think we’ll become best friends over this (she might even hate it), but I just want her to know that she’s got at least one cheerleader in her corner.

Even if it is the Grinch.

And that’s your Mercurial Monday.

Because I’m mercurial. That’s why.

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A SAHM with delusions of literacy.
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