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Pondering Front Matter (3)

Last one – I promise. I just thought folks might be interested in the verbage of what I came up with for my junk. That and I also uncovered the fact that some authors are now trying to move as … Continue reading

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Mercurial Monday

We all know I don’t like NaNo. If you were paying attention to that post though, you would also remember that I didn’t say other people shouldn’t like Nano. You do you and I’ll do me and we’ll all be happy. … Continue reading

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No Take-Backsies!!!!!

I feel… ranty, today. Here’s the thing: I am busting my ass trying to create a series of 7ish fantasy books and other series(es?) as well. I am knocking myself out with trying to make sure everything is consistent with … Continue reading

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My Muses

We’ve all heard that waiting for the Muse to show up is a bad thing. She either never shows up, shows up late, or shows up and takes you elsewhere than you planned for your date. Pull up your big … Continue reading

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