School Year Resolutions

The kids started school yesterday.

We’ve done a few things this summer – the natural history museum, mini golf, a week-long day-camp, watched TV, made props (Set pieces? Equipment?) for Sara’s dance studio, splash park, stuff like that.

I’ve not done much writing, though. Something about children hanging on my ears, all day every day. Which may have been a good thing, in reality, because in May my brain was fried.

Ah, but now, for the last 2-3 weeks, ideas have been stirring up, things have been churning.

Okay, they’ve been disjointed as all hell, but that’s not the point – the point is the desire to write has returned. It’s been slowly building, waiting for the day in which the children were gone for a whole 6 hours, 5 days a week!


New Year Resolutions are such a joke – every parent knows that. Your hands are already full juggling chainsaws while cooking dinner and screaming at the kids to stop licking the cat and looking at tomorrow’s calendar, so why would you try to change that balancing act without putting something down? With the kids gone most days for the next few months, that’s a HUGE chainsaw that got put up for the season and means I can work on my stuff.


Oh, owwwww. I’ve got to stop laughing like that…. I think I pulled something.



1 – Dress nicely (when I can). I finally lost enough weight to fit in my pre-pregnancy “chubby office chick” clothes, and they say that one tends to act more professional when one is dressed more professional.

2 – Write book 3 of the fantasy series (at least the rough draft)

3 – Go back through books on and 2 fix up that little oopsie detail I discovered while doing my reading research. It’s a piddly detail, and no one has caught it except me, but the fact that it’s there irritates me.

4 – I’d like to rough out book 2 of the contemporary romance I’ve got puttering in my head.

5 – I’d also like to rough out book 2 of the steampunk trilogy I started.

6 – I suppose I should update my books research page.

7 – And post on this blog more regularly about vaguely interesting things

8 – I should probably post more often on my personal blog, too. Just so folks know I’m still alive.

9 – And maybe consider organizing my files a bit.

10 – And I’m supposed to practice my archery regularly

Of course there are other things simultaneously occupying the same space in my head – There’s a beading project that I’m so close to finishing. Then there’s the good enough Russian boyarina outfit to finish. And a load of half-started projects that really should be addressed, but I can’t forget about the 4 human-sized jewelry boxes I’m supposed to make and have done by late March and, and, and…

That’s what happens when I make lists of things to do. They tend to get longer.

But now that there’s time to get my breath and work on stuff without having to dodge small children who desperately want to help (no, you can’t use the exacto knife; no, you can’t use the table saw; here’s a paintbrush, help me paint this bench).

I’ve started organizing (again) my tiny craft area. I’ve started getting my writing area picked up and functional. I’ve begun driving my husband crazy with all of my writing neuroses that amount to performance anxiety.

Shut up. I bet you do it, too (I’ll talk about that later).

But here we are, day 2 of no children. Still getting back in the saddle. Dust off the cobwebs of summer that have accumulated on unused portions of the brain. Read this, ponder that, wonder where the hell I was going with this other thing that obviously seemed like a good idea at the time but I don’t know about now, and am I using that semi-colon properly?

So, yeah. School’s back in. The School Year Resolutions have been officially filed. I even bought brand new colored pens to mark up my manuscripts.

Maybe I should make a School Year Resolution to NOT lose them, this time.


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A SAHM with delusions of literacy.
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