Jewelry Shopping for the Husband

Not for the faint of heart or the impatient of soul.

I thought I did well. I snuck a ring of his away, measured it in millimeters, looked up several internet sites, checked my math multiple times, ordered a new ring.

Got the wrong size. Too big.

Hubby appreciated the effort, and told me he was a size 9. I ordered a new one, size 9.

Wrong size again. Too small.

And this is where it gets funny.

Hubby raged that he was a size 9. He swore up and down he was a size 9. “I’ve been a size 9 since high school! My wedding band is a size 9!” he insisted as he ran his hand under cold water. He shoved the ring on his finger and it still wouldn’t fit. “I’ve always been a size 9!”

Does this sound familiar yet? Kinda like when a lady goes dress shopping for the first time in a  few years and is frustrated because the dress won’t fit?

I look into exchanging it for a bigger size.

“Maybe we should hang onto it,” hubby says. “That way, when I loose the weight-”

I start howling in laughter. “You sound like me and all my skinny clothes!” I snicker. “I keep them because when I loose weight I won’t have to go shopping again.”

“Shut up,” he growls and stomps up stairs. “I’ve got to drop these 20 pounds…” he mutters.

“Ya know,” I call after him, “I can still wear my high school earrings. They fit great.”


I have no idea how I’m going to use this in future writing, but I am soooooooo going to use this for something.


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2 Responses to Jewelry Shopping for the Husband

  1. doreeweller says:

    Haha! Great story. I’ve long since given up jewelry shopping for my husband. I think men are worse than women sometimes…


  2. He doesn’t wear much bling. The only reason why I was willing to even try for a surprise was because it was out anniversary and his old Masonic ring was damaged and he couldn’t get it fixed. So I found a new one that was different, but still simple in fashion.

    It turns out that the bigger one is better anyway – he travels so much that his hands swell or shrink in size depending on the environment he’s in – so he just keeps a ring sizer on it.

    He still didn’t appreciate it when I asked later if my old high school earrings made my butt look big. 😉


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