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Jewelry Shopping for the Husband

Not for the faint of heart or the impatient of soul. I thought I did well. I snuck a ring of his away, measured it in millimeters, looked up several internet sites, checked my math multiple times, ordered a new … Continue reading

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When You Die You Need A WILL

Right now, my parents are resisting me. Shocking, right? You roll your eyes. “Katty, what random tangent are you trying to lead me down this time?” Just roll with me. Or scroll down to the end to get to the … Continue reading

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Alternate Timelines

I’m working on building an alternate timeline for my steampunk. Big surprise, I know, but what I find interesting is how one little event, by a NOBODY, can have a ripple effect. Sometimes these ripples are tiny. Sometimes they’re massive. … Continue reading

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The Blame Game

I am now fully ensconced in the horror known as SUMMER BREAK WITH THE KIDS. *cue bloodcurdling scream* We don’t do Day-care. To be fair, Mommy doesn’t work, so she should, you know, be vaguely responsible with the household expenses … Continue reading

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