Z is for Zigzag

Why Writing is Like a Relationship

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You can lay out the most detailed plan in the world, down to the hour of when, where and how you and your snugglebunny will do what.

Then life throws you a curve ball, resulting in a black eye, three missing teeth and a broken picture window. This little happening will most likely throw off that neat plan you had.

The same thing happens with writing. You have goals, a plan. You have a map and you know what to do to get from point A to point Z. Then your plot takes a left turn you weren’t expecting …

This may put a crimp in those plans.

You must be flexible. You must be willing to Zigzag around in your plans. A Zigzag does not mean you’ve failed as a writer to stay within your plot. It just means you got distracted by something off the beaten path you thought could be worthwhile to explore. Perhaps it is. Perhaps it’s better than what you had planned.

Don’t loose your mind if your plot goes left rather than right. Sometimes the unexpected is exactly what we need.

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