Y is for Yin and Yang

Why Writing is Like a Relationship

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Yin and Yang. Alpha and Omega. Opposites attract. They balance each other.

But balance is a learned skill. You have to being willing to push back when it feels like someone is taking too much.

You have to be willing to push your writing back. It is very easy to fall into a world of your own creation and loose yourself for 10-12 hours at a clip. Yes, sacrifices need to be made for your writing, but not at the expense of your total self in the process. Boundaries are a good thing –  not just to keep the world outside from running rampant over everything we want to do creatively, but also to keep our creative lives from becoming more important than the real world.

The goal is balance. Too much fire and there’s no ice.

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A SAHM with delusions of literacy.
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