W is for War

Why Writing is Like a Relationship

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No one can hurt you like the one you love. They know where to hit and exactly how many kilopascals of force to apply to make you bleed.

It can feel a great deal like that when you’re writing. Every word feels like a blow to the gut. Every sentence makes you want to die. You can think of nothing – absolutely nothing – to save this story.

War is ugly, but sometimes that’s what writing is. Every fight in a relationship has casualties and we either come back stronger or we die a little each time.

Not every project will work out. Some relationships cannot be saved, no matter how much you love them. When that happens, you just need to walk away.

It’s important to realize this fact because if you don’t, if you keep working on whatever manuscript it is that’s making you want to gouge your own eyes out rather than look at it again, you’re just going to kill yourself and your desire to write at the same time.

Any general will tell you a scorched earth policy isn’t usually a good defensive or offensive strategy. It’s a “Fuck you” move, that hurts both the natives and the enemy.

Don’t let your writing turn into a battleground out of pride or spite, because you won’t survive.

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