M is for Marriage

Why Writing is Like a Relationship

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Oh, please. Don’t act shocked. I’m a woman using relationships as a metaphor. Of course “marriage” is going to work its way into the conversation somehow.

But for the purposes of this post, marriage is not the ceremony nor the commitment. Marriage is what happens after the honeymoon and thank-you notes. Marriage is what happens when you’ve gotten comfortable with each other.

Perhaps too comfortable.

You scratch at yourself impolitely. You stop doing your best for dinner every night because that gets old quick. You’ve stopped wearing the cutesy shorts and maybe you grunt more often than actually talk.

You’ve fallen into the trap of routine.

A dangerous trap it is. Insidious. And most don’t know the trap is even there until they are well and truly caught in it.

But you’ve made Decisions. You’ve Committed. You’ve even Farted and managed to Laugh about it. This should not be a problem.

Oh, but it can be.

The trap of routine is a comfy place to sit your butt. You don’t take chances because you don’t need to. Character A comes here. Character B does that. The Villain jumps around over there. Witty words are exchanged, maybe a  fight scene. Conflict resolves. We dance, we kiss, we laugh, we go home.

How many books have you read by the same author in which it is the exact same story, just with different window dressing?

Boring, isn’t it?

I’m not saying to spice up your writing life of murder mystery you should jump straight into hard-core BDSM, but maybe you should try spreading your wings a bit. Write a romance or a science fiction. It can be a short story. No one else has to know. It’s just you and your writing behind closed doors, right? It isn’t like your cheating on your writing.

You just might surprise yourself and breathe new life into your writing.

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