K is for Kicked-out

Why Writing is Like a Relationship

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Break-ups are hard. Telling your boyfriend you don’t want to see them anymore. Cutting your friend off because they’re more of a user than friend.

Your manuscript is not going to break up with you. You’re the one who does the dumping. “Listen, Delphia. I know we’ve been together for 47 pages, but I really don’t think this is going to work out. I need you to leave.”

It hurts to admit that, sometimes. It seemed like such a great idea and then it sort of fizzled and fell apart and you’re at your wits end and you just can’t see how to make this thing work and eventually you realize that you’re spinning your wheels but not gaining any ground.

Sometimes that manuscript is just not meant for you. Maybe if you’d had the idea at a different time in your life things would’ve worked out.

It’s okay to take some time and grieve a bit. You probably had some laughs, learned a few things, saw the world from a different view for a while.

But eventually you’ll heal up. You’ll move on. A little wiser, a little more cautious.

And who knows? Maybe in ten years you’ll see each other again and laugh about the “old days.”

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One Response to K is for Kicked-out

  1. KAT Writer says:

    I am amazed at how different a book I wrote years ago would be if I wrote it now. You are so right that sometimes an idea needs to wait until you are able to do it justice.


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