G is for Gew-gaws

Why Writing is Like a Relationship

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Gew-gaws are those little useless bauble things people have. Some folks collect them ardently, others receive them as gifts and know they can’t chuck them out because … well … your Mom gave it to you and she’s still alive and lives in your town.

We all give our loved-ones little gimcracks. Sometimes the object of our affection gushes over them. Sometimes they struggle to smile and compliment you on your thoughtful present.

We also do the same thing to our writing. Perhaps it’s a bit of world-building background. Maybe it’s an errant character thought. It could be our subconscious ego is desperate to show the reader “hey, I researched this, dammit!”

Some trinkets we give our stories are useful – they provide a bit of color, a touch of reality into the room we’ve invited our reader into.

Others just collect dust and eventually languish on a shelf in a second-hand store somewhere.

The trick to giving your partner and your story a little item like this is to think about what fits. Will my boyfriend really like it? Does the glass horse fit her personality? Is it something they will actually appreciate, or are you getting it because that’s what you want to buy? Do I really want to dust this thing every damned week?

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