Mercurial Monday

Oy. Seriously? You want me to show you some half-baked idea in the same month as I’m doing the Blogging A-Z Challenge?

Don’t look at me like that. Stoppit.

Just because I said I’d try to do something doesn’t mean I’ll always get around to …

Oh, good lord. It’s like trying to explain to my kids why we can’t go to the zoo when I promised because I wasn’t anticipating the massive car repair bill.

Right. So. This is from a contemporary romance I’m working on. If you’re not familiar with SCA camping culture, that’s okay. I’m a member and sometimes even I don’t get it.

Stevie is our heroine, while this scene is being related to us via the hero’s perspective, named Mike. They’re not romantically involved as yet, but they are sharing Stevie’s tent, since she has a fairly large one and Mike can’t find the poles to his.


This portion has been redacted.


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