D is for Decisions

Why Writing is Like a Relationship

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When you’re in a relationship, there comes a point where you must make a decision.

Are you serious about this or are you just screwing around?

It’s okay to not be serious. Let’s just put that card on the table right now. You’re allowed to just be a hobbyist. There is nothing wrong with that. But you do loose all rights to complain about how your writing isn’t getting anywhere in the public arena.

Should you say “yea, verily, let’s be serious,” you’ve just opened another can of worms. Like most relationships, our decisions to be serious are often made in the heat of the moment. When you calm down and take a step back, reality starts to set in. What does my budget look like? What can I realistically expect from this? Non-fiction or fiction? Genre? Gun for hire? Traditional or self-publish? Will my family support my decision? Am I really ready for something like this?

Stay or go? Right or left?

A single decision can change your life, and it’s scary as all hell, but in the end a decision must be made in order for you to take the next step, on way or the other.

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