C is for Commitment

Why Writing is Like a Relationship

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How many relationships have ended because one person wasn’t willing to commit as deeply as the other?

This is a big deal. You have a wonderful idea. You think it’s awesome. But the work involved in making it come to life is daunting.

It’s okay to feel that way. It’s the truth. Committing to writing, be it on a schedule or just whenever you can squeeze it in, takes more than just “I do.” You have to apply mental and emotional muscle to it. You have to work.

Work is not always pleasant.

With a manuscript, “‘Till death do us part,” ain’t a joke. Even if you boot it to the curb after giving it a twirl, you will always sometimes wonder “Did I not try hard enough to make it work?”

True, most people don’t obsess over it, but it does hang out in the back of your mind. Sometimes it actually makes it to the front and you shrug it off.  “It just wasn’t meant to be.” But the doubt is still sometimes there, because unlike most divorces, you can’t exactly blame the other party for why it fell apart.

It was all you, hoss. Maybe the story idea wasn’t as great as you thought. Maybe you tried and felt, “Uh… this sucks.” Maybe you didn’t like the hours or felt it was too demanding. Maybe part-way through you realized you were sucked in by the glamorous image the media painted on being a writer, which turned out to be a far cry from the reality of it. That’s okay.

But you can’t blame the manuscript for going out and having an affair on you, either.

If you want to write, you have to commit to making it work. It’s just that hard.

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One Response to C is for Commitment

  1. Kristi says:

    Hard things do take commitment. (#1280 on the A to Z Challenge, Thankful Me)


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