Mercurial Monday is Coming!

Book 2, Draft 3 is done!

>>cue the heavenly choir>>

*Stage Manager scuttles out and whispers in Katty’s ear. Katty clears here throat.*  Ahem. Apparently the “heavenly choir” ditched to grab a pizza and lattes.

Moving on.

“Mercurial Monday” is something I did on my personal blog, and it seemed to be well accepted, so I’m going to start doing it here. After April, I might start posting Mercurial Mondays on my personal blog too, but it’ll be the same post as here, so you won’t be missing anything.

“Mercurial Monday… ” you say skeptically. “How, exactly, does ‘mercurial’ pertain to Monday?”

Webster’s Dictionary defines “Mercurial” as-

1: of, relating to, or born under the influence of the planet Mercury

2: having qualities of eloquence, ingenuity or thievishness attributed to the god Mercury or to the influence of the plant Mercury

3: characterized by rapid and unpredictable changeableness of mood

4: of, relating to containing or caused by mercury

For the purposes of this post, we will be focusing on #2. (I left in #3, because every time I crossed it out, my husband laughed hysterically. He may be irritating sometimes, but I’m not interested in taking him to the hospital to be treated for a hernia.)

What writer does not want to think of themselves as eloquent and ingenuous? If you write and don’t think of yourself in this fashion, you may want to consider addressing that. Writers are gods of their own little worlds and throughout world history, most gods have been depicted as having at least a drop of “I’m awesome, you’re not” ego.

Oh, wow. What if we’re all characters in a manuscript and the various and sundry historical world destructions that have occurred in cultures across the globe have been nothing more than a delete key?

Or, you know, maybe just done editing and shipped off for publication. Whichever.


Mercurial Monday works thusly: I post a random snippet of something I’ve written. You read it (Or not, you know).

You may certainly comment on it. I won’t guarantee to re-write the way you think it should be done, but hey, critique is a good thing. It sharpens your thinking and analyzing skills and thickens my hide.

At the beginning of the new month, I delete/edit out the snippets of the previous Mercurial Mondays and we move forward.

Some of these vignettes will be from pieces I feel are as done as I can make them before shipping them off for professional editing. Others are Rough Rough Rough Very Rough Drafts.  I won’t tell you which is which.

I still have to figure out how to track all the tidbits I post to prevent duplication, but I hope to think of something like spreadsheet or some nonsense to aid my easily squirreled butt.


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