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Writing Mom

There’s a problem with being a writer, with a family, and no way to generate an office that is an inviolate personal space. Namely, visions of being an axe-murderer flit through your head. I have 6 year old twins. I … Continue reading

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Why I’m Dumber Than a Box of Hair

I’m going to attempt the A-Z blogging challenge. That’s not dumb, Katty. Oh, yes it is. You see, I’m also doing it on my personal blog as well. I suppose I’m feeling masochistic at the moment. Or perhaps whiny – … Continue reading

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How to Accept Critique

You may want to read up on How To Be A Good Critiquer before reading this. It may help with my perspective on things. No, no. Take your time. I can wait. Done? Awesome. I seem to keep running into … Continue reading

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An Interesting and Frightening Development

This is more a post about my personal thoughts on the matter as opposed to the facts of the case, just so you’re aware. As you may remember (or not) I posted somewhere… *rummage, rustle*  Oh, ew… I thought I … Continue reading

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